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It’s never too soon to start orthodontic treatment, which is why Curtis Contro, DDS, MS, offers interceptive orthodontic treatment for his patients at Contro Orthodontics. If you’re interested in learning more about how interceptive orthodontic treatment can benefit your child’s smile, schedule a visit with Dr. Contro at his state-of-the-art clinic in Cupertino, California. You can book your appointment by calling the office or using the convenient online tool.

Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment Q&A

What is interceptive orthodontic treatment?

Interceptive orthodontic treatment, or early treatment, is the practice of beginning orthodontic treatment when a patient still has baby teeth present. 

Starting orthodontic treatment early can help Dr. Contro mold your child’s jaw while it’s still developing and make their overall orthodontic treatment easier and more effective. 

The American Association of Orthodontists suggests bringing in your child for their first orthodontic treatment no later than the age of 7. If Dr. Contro suggests beginning treatment after this first evaluation, he’s likely recommending interceptive orthodontic treatment.

What conditions can interceptive orthodontic treatment correct?

Some of the conditions that Dr. Contro might recommend treating while your child still has their baby teeth include:

  • Teeth that come together abnormally or not at all
  • Extra or missing teeth
  • Teeth that are excessively far apart
  • Teeth that are very crowded
  • Underbites
  • Crossbites

Interceptive orthodontic treatments can also correct jaw growth that’s been affected by sucking on the thumb or a pacifier.

What are the goals of early treatment?

Generally speaking, the goals of early treatment are to:

  • Intercept a developing problem
  • Eliminate or reduce the cause of the problem
  • Better guide the growth of your facial and jawbones
  • Create enough space for incoming permanent teeth

Early treatment enables Dr. Contro to start treating an orthodontic issue before it has the chance to develop into something more serious. 

And by harnessing the power of your child’s still-developing jaw and teeth, Dr. Contro can more efficiently and effectively guide the growth of their mouth toward a more beneficial direction. 

What are the specific treatments in interceptive orthodontics?

There are several different services, treatments, and procedures in interceptive orthodontics. 

Sometimes Dr. Contro might suggest using a fixed or removable appliance, like a spacer or braces, to move teeth, alter the jaw position, or hold certain teeth in place while the rest of the mouth develops. 

In some cases, Dr. Contro might recommend extracting some baby teeth to make more room for the permanent teeth to erupt.

Dr. Contro also practices dentofacial orthopedics, which uses orthodontic appliances to properly guide the growth of your child’s upper and lower jawbones to ensure they’re developing symmetrically. 

To learn more about how interceptive orthodontic treatment can improve your child’s smile and their overall orthodontic experience, schedule a visit with Contro Orthodontics today by calling the office or booking a visit online.