What to Expect


What To Expect

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that a child receive his or her first orthodontics checkup by the age of 7.  Your first visit is called an initial exam.  At that appointment Dr. Contro will do a thorough exam of the aesthetics and function of your smile and bite while also evaluating the health of your gums, tongue, airway, and temporomandibular joint.  He will give you an idea of what treatment options you have as well as how long treatment will take.  At this appointment a set of records will be needed which consist of a set of photographs, a panoramic and cephalometric x-ray, and a three-dimensional, computer scan of your teeth with the iTero Element intraoral scanner.  If you have taken a panoramic or cephalometric x-ray within the past year, please bring it to the first appointment.  Dr. Contro strongly believes in using the lowest dose of radiation possible, (i.e., avoiding unnecessary x-rays).  He will use those records and your exam to develop a treatment plan that is customized to your specific needs.  

During treatment you can expect:

  • Regular checkups every 6-8 weeks to ensure your treatment is running smoothly

  • Dr. Contro to devote time to you and/or your child educating you on the process and answering any questions you may have

  • Our team to monitor oral hygiene and make appropriate recommendations

  • To continue seeing your general dental provider every 6 months for checkups and cleanings

Dr. Contro prides himself at making himself available to you whenever you need him.

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